All our rugs are  made with the highest quality of wool, viscose or silk available in the market.  The yarns used for MMC rugs are twisted in a particular and unique way, giving the rugs their exceptional look and attractive texture.   For Hand spun yarn,  first the yarn is sorted by hand and then washed and dried removing impurities. It is then carded and spun using a wooden hand wheel.


We use only  the Swiss dye pigments, which are of extremely high quality and  are AZO-FREE compounds.These dyes produce the fade resistant colors which are live and vibrant.   Depending on the clients taste,  the yarn is dyed either in the large container or  in pot dyeing, the ancient method of dyeing the yarn.


We are not content to follow trends, we are always try to be innovative and develop exciting and interesting patterns.  Our team of experience designers keep developing exciting patterns for our discerning customers.   Using new yarns  and developing new textures help us keep our designs distinguished.


We have mainly three type of rug making system.  Hand-knotted, Hand-tufted & Hand-loom.  With our association with weavers from last three decades has enabled us to make beautiful rugs cost effectively and of superior quality.


Once  the rug is off-loom,  it goes in to washing and finishing.  Our well built infrastructure enables us to do the washing and finishing of the rugs in very short time.  We follow the same ancient method of washing and finishing of the rugs.  All our rugs are double washed and dried in sunlight to have desired effects.

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