To keep the look of the rug as fresh as new,  one must follow proper rug care instructions.  Neither it take lot of time nor much labor.  Lack of rug care may result into frequent  washing/dry cleaning requirement which is not good for rugs.

Regular vacuum cleaning specially of heavy traffic areas is needed,  at least twice a week.  The vacuum cleaner should not be of industrial use or very powerful.  It just needs the one which we use in our houses or offices.  The rug should be cleaned from back side also once in 6 months.

The most suitable vacuum cleaning is either by suction-only vacuum or brushing vacuum.    The suction-only is the only vacuum cleaning  for loop pile construction.  Vacuum with a rotating brush can be considered for cut pile rugs.  One can try both and see which is more practical according to the rug pile.

Apart from regular vacuum cleaning,  the rug should be clean by professionals also in every 2 or 3 years.  The can do dry clean,  or put the rug thru chemical wash with hot water as the rug construction.  For example a tufted rug or hand loom rug with rug back can not be wash with chemical and hot water since the cotton on the back of rug is put with the latex which may loose its grip  during the wash.

Normally the cleaning professionals come to home for a physical inspection of the rug and quote how much it may cost.  The price of washing the rug is based on the total area of rug and what type of wash is required.    One can find many washing professional contacts on the net.  To know approximate washing charges,  you can send photo of your rug to us,  and we can inform you how much it could cost to get professionally cleaned.